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Georgias Electricity Ingestion Grows

In November 2017, domestic an electrical source consumption rose by annual 6.7%, whilst the January-November growth constituted 8.6%. Depending on G&T, the Nov growth was primarily preconditioned by a 6% upturn for consumption of distribution companies and a 31.9% upturn of direct use after Georgian Manganese increased electricity consumption by 24.2%.

Energo-Pro Georgia’s consumption, together with Kakheti Energy Distribution provider, has increased by Eight.9%, while the number of TELASI purchasers has shrunk by 5.7%. Electricity consumption with Abkhazia has declined by means of 1.1% and proclaimed 18.8% in Georgia’verts total consumption as well as 75.6% in electrical power generated by Enguri-Vardnili HPP.
Electric power transit from Azerbaijan that will Turkey declined through annual 82.7% during November and the ability transit constituted 22 gigawatt/hours. Exports was insignificant in October (0.851 gigawatt/hours).

Increased electricity eating was satisfied by means of imports from Azerbaijan (48.7%), Russia (46.5%) and Armenia (Five.80. Electricity imports have raised by annual 6.7% (31.1% upturn as compared with November 2015) and constituted Twelve.2% of electricity provided to the network (100.2 gigawatt/hours).
The residential generation has not modified, in practice, Generation involving HPPS (61.1% of entire supply) rose simply by 2.5%, while water power generation (30.2% of total offer) declined by 16.2%. The remaining 0.5% appeared to be generated by blowing wind power stations.

Enguri-Vardnili’verts generation has shrunk by way of 7.1% in Late, while generation with other regulatory stops and deregulated HPP generation went up by by 3.3% together with 30%, respectively.