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Dont miss these Christmas time concerts in European union

Dont miss these Christmas concerts in Europe

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Are an individual planning a trip to Europe before the end of the year? Period your holiday to get one of these classical audio concerts for an unequalled experience of European history and culture. Some of the world’s ideal orchestras will perform iconic components of music by Europe’s many celebrated musicians. Here is what you need to know.


Sounds & Visions with Caravaggio, Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, Rome
The concert series, “Sounds & Thoughts of Caravaggio,” blends Baroque art and popular music in Rome. Case includes a guided tour with the Doria Pamphilj Palace, one of the most renowned Ancient Art Galleries with Rome, and an enthralling live performance in the impressive throne room of Sala andel Trono. The musicians shall do on historical musical instruments of Caravaggio’s time, as well depicted in many artwork by the artist.

Schoenbrunn: Palace tour, dinner along with concert, Orangerie Sch?nbrunn, Vienna
The evening starts off with a palace excursion of Schloss Schoenbrunn, where you can visit the private and formal rooms of the imperial summer months residence. Following this, prior to concert, guests are going to be served the Orangery Menus at a restaurant in the palace area. Following your meal, a show of the most celebrated functions of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart together with Johann Strauss, will be performed within the Orangery Schoenbrunn.

Residence Concerts Salzburg, Main Arena at the Alte Residenz, Salzburg
Travel back in time on the end of 16th century, when the king archbishop’s residence was being made. Enjoy Mozart’s greatest works and compelling compositions from the Baroque period C usual Renaissance music that will be played on fantastic instruments.

Advent Concert along with Justus Frantz, Konzerthaus Berlin
Justus Frantz is a name containing long been associated with great orchestras and great devotion to music. For over forty years, Professor Justus Fratz features performed as an worldwide acclaimed pianist plus conductor. Here he will be performing the orchestra Philharmonie der Nationen in the iconic Konzerthaus Berlin, Gro?im or her Saal.

Pachelbel, Mozart & Vivaldi at St. Georges Basilica, Prague
This concert by the six-member Prague Regal Orchestra will perform the most famous works by Pachelbel, Mozart, and Vivaldi. It will include Johann Pachelbel’s Brother in D significant, a beloved, eternal piece of music; the particular Divertimento for strings during D major, KV 136 by way of Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart and The Several Seasons, op.8-10 by Antonio Vivaldi.

Christmas Concerts in Old Prague
Mirror Chapel, Klementinum, Prague
The stage ensemble of the Dvorak Symphony Orchestra will perform operates by Smetana, Bizet, Dvorak, Vivaldi, and Christmas carols to indicate the season, this January in Prague. The performance will be performed on the beautiful Mirror Lounge in the bustling center of Prague. Highlights range from the Overture from Carmen by Bizet Georges and xmas Pastorale by Arcangelo Carelli.

Winter Dreams in the Dresden Zwinger
Marble Hall, Dresdner Zwinger, Dresden
Indulge in the attractiveness of classical music in the Dresden Zwinger and watch the famed Dresdner Residenz Orchester perform a mixture of The holiday season music, waltzes and light traditional music.

Experience the best of Western side classical music in Europe
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